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George Hoyte Warren Jr. (1970 – 2006)

George Hoyte Warren Jr., 36, a retired RCA for Cleburne Postal Service and former Texas Tech University student, died Friday, Dec. 22, 2006, in Glen Rose.
Funeral: 1 p.m. Wednesday at Brown, Owens & Brumley Funeral Directors. Visitation: 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.
Memorials: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to American Diabetes Association; Dallas-Fort Worth Suicide Crisis Center; or local Alcoholics Anonymous groups.
Survivors: Mother, Carol Jeanne Warren; sisters, Meagan Jade Derringer and Lesley Faye Warren-Wright; aunts, uncles, cousins, niece and nephew residing in the D-FW and Odessa-Abilene areas; father, George Hoyte Warren of Georgia.

Family Funeral Home & Crematory
425 S. Henderson, 817-335-4557

Condolence Messages

  1. George
    As I face each day
    I have one thing missing.

    I love you

  2. George,
    I miss you all the time,
    I missed you especially at my graduation because I know you would have been so excited! I’m not mad at you, I just love you!

    I love you so much. I think that your notes and poems to George are beautiful!
    Allyson Garcia, Abilene, TX

  3. Say hello to TomTom
    Give him a hug and kisses for me.
    I Love You George and tell TomTom
    I Love TomTom.
    I Miss You Both.

  4. When you ask how I’ve been here without you, I like to say I’ve been fine.
    But we both know the truth is hard to come by. And if I told the truth, that’s not quite true.
    Some times the days won’t leave me alone.
    Seems so cold without you.
    Now the face that I see in my mirror, more and more is a stranger to me.
    More and more I can see there’s a danger in becoming what I never thought I’d be.
    Living on without you.
    It’s just so lonely and cold without you.
    All there is now is looking forward to see you again eternally.

  5. We love you with all our heart

  6. To My Son

    If I could have a lifetime wish,
    A dream that would come true,
    I’d pray to God with all my heart
    For yesterday and you.

    A thousand words
    Can’t bring you back,
    I know because I’ve tried
    And neither will a million tears
    I know because I’ve cried.

    You left behind our broken hearts,
    And happy memories, too.
    I never wanted memories,
    I only wanted you.

    An Angel in the Book of Life
    Wrote down your name
    And whispered
    as she closed the Book
    “Too Wonderful for Earth”

  7. I miss your happy feet dance

  8. Last night while I was trying to sleep
    My son’s voice I did hear
    I opened my eyes and looked around
    But he did not appear.
    He said: Mom, you’ve got to listen
    You’ve got to understand
    God didn’t take me from you, Mom
    He only took my hand.
    When I called out in pain that night
    The instant that I died
    He reached down and took my hand
    And pulled me to His side.
    From the misery and the pain,
    My body was hurt so badly inside
    I could never be the same.
    My search is really over now
    I’ve found happiness within.
    All the answers to my dreams
    And all that might have been.
    I love you all and miss you so
    And I’ll always be nearby.
    My body is gone forever
    But my spirit will never die.
    And so, you must all go on now,
    Live one day at a time
    Just understand…God didn’t take me from you
    He only took my hand.

  9. To have such a handsome face.
    The precious lips on your smiiling face.
    The tender love in your eyes.
    The tall handsome manly body.
    The intelligent mind.
    All this with a broken heart.
    My son, I love you so much.
    I hurt so deeply for you.
    I miss you so much.
    You are in my mind at all times.
    Everywhere I go and Everything I see
    Reminds me of You.
    The love I have for you will never end.
    I want to see you and hold you and talk to you.
    This is never going to end.
    I love you and miss you

  10. Merry Christmas George.
    I Love You and Miss You So Much.
    I Want You Here With Us.
    I Can Not Stand Not Having You Here.
    The Pain Of You Gone From Here Is So Deep.
    Merry Christmas. Son.
    Merry Christmas,George

  11. You left this life so suddenly
    With no time for goodbyes.
    No solace for our heartache
    No answer to our “whys.
    “Your leaving left our lives torn with a gaping empty space.
    With sadness we surrender you.
    Into the Lord’s embrace.
    Go with God and know
    That we will always dearly miss you
    And till we see you once again…May angels hug and kiss you!!
    And know we love you and miss you so.

  12. Here it is December 1st 2007.
    Last year on this date I drove to Abilene for Allyson’s birthday and you stayed home.
    I remember leaving Abilene and thinking of you all the way home.
    I Love You So Much
    I Miss YOU So Terribly

  13. Your Family Misses You
    We thought of you today
    But that is nothing new.
    We thought of you yesterday
    And days before that, too.
    Death leaves a heartache
    No one can heal
    But we have our treasured memories
    No one can steal.
    Our lives go on without you,
    So painful every day,
    We loved you very much
    And wish you hadn’t gone away.
    Hearts are broken and mended each day,
    But our broken hearts Are here to stay.

  14. In My Days
    In my days I touch you soft skin
    I see you in the recliner rocker.
    When I daze i see your sweet face
    I see an innocence that time cannot erase.
    I smell you, I touch you,I hear you sing.
    I have you with me
    But when i have to face reality.
    My tears start to fall
    For you really aren’t here with me
    at all.

  15. So many yesterdays.
    So many Tears
    So many yesterdays.
    Not enough years.

    I love you so much George
    Miss you so much
    You are on my mind always
    Wish you were here.


    If YOU think you are beaten, you are;
    If you think you dare not, you don’t;
    If you think you would like to win, but can’t
    It’s almost a “cinch” you won’t;
    If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost;
    For out of the world you will find
    Success begins with a fellows will –
    It’s all in the state of mind.
    Full many a race is lost
    Ere even a race is run,
    And many a cowards fails
    Ere even his works begun.
    Think big and your deeds will grow
    Think small and you will fall behind,
    Think that you can, and you will;
    It’s all in the state of mind.
    If you think you are outclassed, you are;
    You’ve got to think high to rise;
    You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.
    Life’s battle doesn’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man;
    But sooner or later, the man who wins
    Its the fellow who thinks he can
    – Author Unknown

  17. It is now August and I wish you were here.
    It does not matter what month or day or year.
    I will continue missing you and loving you and wanting you near.
    My heart is so broken and the pain is so real.
    Your love was so deep for all.
    How could they not hear.
    I love you George

  18. Life Is Not Fair

  19. How I wish I could go somewhere
    and hide and just cry for you when I am around others…
    It’s going to be five months
    since you have left us
    and returned home
    but my heart is aching same now
    then yesterday or the day before…

    I know I am suppose to move forward
    because I know that is how
    you would want it to be..
    I know our Lord
    is trying to give me strength
    but it’s getting harder
    and I feel no relief ..

    George, how am I suppose
    to have my heart mend
    when each day the wound is
    is still there
    & it seems to come about in my soul…

    How I wish I would have
    a dream with you,
    how is it that for me to see you again
    I have to wait
    Until it’s my turn to return home..

    No matter how much
    I try to imagine your handsome face
    it only makes me want to hold you more..

    Feeling so alone..
    No one to understand my pain
    of missing you son….

    I have been blessed because I know
    that in order to have pain
    there must be Love
    and that is all I have for you..

    George,my son, I send you a million kisses

  20. If I could have
    just one day back
    I’d break the rules
    so we could play.
    I’d break the clock
    So time would stay.

    I’d never say good-bye.

  21. My little angel’s gone from this place–
    God replaced him with
    His mercy and grace.
    Doesn’t seem fair, doesn’t feel right,
    That I can’t even kiss
    my George good night.

    But God Himself
    has brought me to this place,
    Not just to my knees,
    but flat on my face–
    Bowing to Him, as He’s wanted all along,
    Praising my Father
    through prayer and song.

    So just for the moment,
    just for a little while,
    I’ll have to close my eyes
    to see his precious smile.
    But when I open them at Heaven’s gate,
    I’ll know then that it was worth the wait!

  22. You are my heart and soul.
    You are my life.
    I love you like no one can explain.
    You George are my world.
    I want to wake up from this dream.
    I miss my son and only want to be with you.

  23. You are my Sunshine
    You make me Happy when clouds are gray
    You never knew how much I love you
    Now my sunshine is gone
    Just to go shopping in a grocery store is so very hard.
    Everything I see is what I want to buy for you.
    When the day has ended at work and the weekend I have to face the reality that you will not be here anymore.
    My heart is so broken
    I love you and miss you so much

  24. Dec. 22 1977
    Pioneer Newspaper

    Dear Santa.
    I want a football soot and a football and a bike, and a toy raceing track. And I am a second grader. I am seven years old my sister is six and the other one is nine my mom is 27 years old my grandma is living with us my six year old sister is Lesley and the other one that is Tammy and my mom is Carol and my grandma is Georgen I am George I am a boy I am a good boy.
    George Warren

    I found this tonight going thru my memories of you.
    I Love You
    I Miss You
    I Cry for You

  25. The worst thing in life that could happen and has happened.

  26. My Baby
    My Toddler
    My Little Man
    My Child
    My Son
    My Young Man
    My Son George
    I Love You George

  27. I rush Home from work to see You
    I walk in the door. My whole life has changed with you not here.
    But no more do I see You greeting me with excitement to see me.
    Calling Momma Is That You?
    I am like the cats happy when you get home is what you have told my many times.
    I get up in the morning and no more do I have You to have morning coffee with.
    Talking about things you do and me and the cats.
    Oh How I Miss You My Son
    Oh How I Love You My Son
    No More Do I Get to Spend Time On Earth with You. No more do your sisters get to have their brother here on earth.
    I still rush home from work to spend time with you. After all you called this home. You picked out the house to live. You gave me a kitten full of life before you left.You put out the flash lights. You showed me things. Why did I not stop it or grow up and believe it would happen?
    I love you, George

  28. My Son
    He’s My Son
    He Is My Son That I Love So Much
    Not Their’s Here On Earth.
    He’s Mine.
    I Miss You So

  29. For You There Will Never Be Anytime I Will Not Do Anything For You.
    I love you I love You I love You
    And The Song Birds Keep Singing To You
    The Sun Shines For You
    The Music Is For You
    To You I Would Give The World
    To You I Will Never Be Distant
    Because I feel This Way About My Son
    The Songbirds Keep Singing To You
    I Wish You Were Here
    I Wish This Never Happened
    I Love You George
    I Want To Go Back And Start All Over And Never Let NoOne Tell Me How To Be With My Children. I Love You.

  30. When you were born, I was so excited to have such a beautiful handsome baby boy. You were so long and I knew you were going to be tall. You were a good baby. I loved you so much. I was so proud of you.
    As you grew you were all boy. You would crawl everywhere. You were a go getter.
    Then as you grew more you loved your toys and especially your riding toys. You would climb on and off and move then with your feet and then push them and just keep entertaining yourself with ways of moving them around.
    When you started school I was told you were very smart and competitive.
    No matter where we lived you always had a lot of friends.
    You learned very young to swim since grandma’s house was on a lake and in your aunts swimming pool.
    I loved you so much and when you would go and stay at others whether overnight or for awhile for the summer or whatever, I would miss you and feel like my life was not complete.
    I still feel this way with you gone.
    I have lost My Son whom I love so much.
    My son whom I shared life with.
    George I love you. I want you.

  31. Today is Easter
    I know you know
    I just want to share
    The love for the lord
    With you as you have with me.
    I love you so very much
    I miss you so very much

  32. I miss you
    I love you

  33. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
    Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
    If I had a day that I could give you
    I’d give to you the day just like you would want
    If I had a song that I could sing for you
    I’d sing a song to make you feel so happy you would stay
    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
    Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
    If I had a tale that I could tell you
    I’d tell a tale sure to make you smile
    If I had a wish that I could wish for you
    I’d make a wish for sunshine for all the while to make you happy
    I would give you my last quarter
    I would give you my life which I know you would not take.
    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
    Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
    Son of mine can make me high with love and life.

  34. I remember the time you lived in North Richland Hills and I came by to visit you. While we were in the apartment visiting, you had left the back sliding door open. In came a pit bull and started after us and we ran into the room with the back door open which was your bedroom and stood on the bed. When the dog jumped up on the bed we went out the door and jumped on the hood of the car. He followed us and you jumped down and shut the door so he could not get back in the apartment and then got his attention so I could get down and back in the apartment and then you came in. We just laughed about this for a long time.

  35. Happy Birthday
    My Son George
    Remember When 1970 All Saints Hospital 6:40 am
    The Richnes of life lies in the memories we will never forget.
    I love You, George
    Happy Birthday

  36. 6:40AM
    Though no one can fully share Your pain as you reflect on this day of Your Child’s Birth, may you find confort knowing that you are thought of tenderly.
    Dear Carol and family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you remember your precious George on his Birthday. God Bless
    Love, Your Friends at Healing Hearts

  37. I remember when you and Lesley were not in school yet and I had to go to court one day. I had stopped to place you both in a day care and before I could get back to the car.
    You and Lesley had escaped. You both had decided you were not going to stay there and Lesley cried for her brother to come get her out from behind the gate. You picked her up and ran to the car.
    I love you

  38. I miss you so bad it really hurts.
    The pain is so intense.
    How do I live without you.
    How do I go on.
    You who are my only son.
    Love to my son,

  39. Another weekend is here without you.
    It is so hard to believe and so hard to not see you daily.
    I am asked why I do not move and my reason is I will not leave you.
    I have been hearing alot that the end is near according to scripture.
    I will rejoice.
    Unless someone walks in my shoes and in yours and others they have no idea what pain is.
    Me without my son.
    I love you George

  40. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life’s routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.
    Heather Partusch, lipan

  41. I remember the time we went to
    Six Flags in the Park Winter Land,
    Shawn was playing in a Christian Band and Sheila had told everyone the next day.
    You were riding rides with David Adams and his stepbrother.
    David had lost his favorite cap.
    You told me about it on the way home and said you were going to be back there the next morning when they open so you could get it for David.
    You stayed up all night as you had felt so bad for David for losing what meant alot to him. As both shared the same experience through a grief at the same time due to the loss of love for someone each loved. You had said that you and David had gone to claim it at the end of the night. They had told him that it would be the next day before it could be picked up. David was just going to let it go.
    You were so excited when you picked it up and was so happy for David to have it back.
    If that is not love.
    What is love?

  42. When a Christian dies,
    He has just begun to live.
    This is my son,George
    I’m going home to Jesus;
    My life will soon begin;
    Earth’s ties will then be severed
    As heaven I enter in.-Amen

  43. How can someone God created
    How can someone so Handsome
    Live life with so much pain
    from Love and betrayal
    Jesus himself did as you
    We have no answers for the world
    who do not see what they cause
    We can only pray and bless them
    To our lord above

  44. I love my son so tenderly,
    I love him with my whole heart
    If ever He seemed upset with me
    My love for him I would not doubt.

    He always had a hug for me.
    Every day he showed me anew,
    Such fond memories my heart does see
    That is why sometimes I am so blue.

    Time matters not for me anymore,
    It could be any day month or hour,
    If I could see beyond the door,
    Would I feel blessed to have such power?

    I just want to know how he fares,
    If he remembers and feels my love.
    Does he share my joy and tender tears?
    Does he smile on me from above?

    The answers to my questions
    I may never know,
    I have to hold onto something new.
    Maybe if something falls on my head,
    It will be him telling me too.
    I love you


  45. I come and I go
    Here and there
    You are not here
    I get excited to do things for you
    I get excited to talk to someone who will help me because I think it will bring you here
    But then the reality comes
    You are not here
    You will not come home here with me
    My heart is so broken without you
    I have to look for ways to find how will I go on without you
    I am so selfish to want you here with me
    I cry for you
    I love you
    Oh how I love you, my son.

  46. My Son George,

    My love for you will never die
    I miss you
    I will be with you someday but not here on earth
    I am in your bedroom on your computer and guess who is in here?
    Dougy, Dixie, Tinky Bear, Tom Tom and Babe.
    They all stay in your room most of the time.
    Someone went by and honked and Dougy jumped down off the bed and jumped up to the window talking as though he said My Daddy is here.
    We miss you.

    Love you son,

  47. George,
    No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all.Not anything can ever break this bond and love I have for you.
    I love you, Mom

  48. Yellow Kitty had to be put to sleep after you left. I took him to the vet to have his feet healed after catching him but he had the feline leukemia and was never going to heal. You know how I loved him and now he is with you.
    I love you, son.

  49. As I go thru all your awards you
    The full chest begins to popout for the proudness you have received for your accomplishments.

    Award for the Virgin Island Diving Schools

    Diploma in Super Sports Achievements

    Academy of Bungee Thrills


    Naval Award for Data Processing Technician Seaman Award

  50. We are proud of who you are

    We are proud of your achievements

  51. U S Abrahamn Lincoln

  52. The title of Honor Graduate is reserved for those individuals who exhibit exceptional academic achievement and exemplary military conduct

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