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Steven Joe Solomon

TROPHY CLUB — Steven Joe Solomon, 65, went to be with the Lord and was surrounded by his family on Monday, May 30, 2016.
Celebration of life: 1 p.m. Friday, at Riverwalk Fellowship, 5612 Glenview Drive, Haltom City. Interment: Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park. Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Brown, Owens & Brumley Funeral Home.
Pastor Steve founded Riverwalk Fellowship and led Praise in the Night Radio Ministry for 19 years. He had a deep passion for reaching people for Christ and teaching the importance of praise in our lives.
He was preceded in death by his father, Herbert Joel Solomon.
Survivors: Wife of 46 years, Diane Solomon; son, J.R. Solomon and spouse, Kathy Rudd; daughters, Kathy Borak and spouse, Michael, Dina Dixson and spouse, Tony, Nikki Hannah and spouse, Stephen, Ruthie Adams and spouse, Donnie, Mandy Bohn and spouse, K.J., Sara Sortini and spouse, Christopher; mother, June B. Solomon; sister, Deedy Dagot; 19 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; niece, Nikki Dagot; and a multitude of friends.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Pastor Steve, you changed the direction of my life and later the lives of my sons. PITN played quietly through my home for years. Riverwalk came at a time of great trial in my life. You showed me the unconditional love of the Father for the first time in my life. I’ll miss you Pastor. See you again soon!

  2. Pastor a Steve! Solomon I learned so much from you. What I learned from you has changed my life. You would always say God is most glorified when we put our on Him and Him alone. Love you sir.

  3. Ashley Wiggins McQuien

    I am so glad to have met u in person . I’m so glad to have known you and been able to hear you preach. I always listened to u on praise in the night . It gave me peace . I love u Pastor Steve . Can’t believe you’re gone but I bet you’re praising with the angels.

  4. Pastor Steve, I first met you at Christian City Church in Rowlett, TX with Pastor Hankins.
    We had a revival and it was thick with the holy ghost and an awesome experience.
    I have attended Riverwalk Fellowship for several years. I learned so much very your love of Jesus and your teachings. We will miss you but I know you are smiling from heaven.
    Send us you spirit and wisdom.
    Praying for your lovely wife Diane, girls, family, everyone you touched and our church family.

  5. Shaundra Dombrowski

    What a great man of God who left behind a wonderful legacy of ministry! I did not know him well but knew what a blessing he was to those I love.

  6. May God be with you all to strengthen you and comfort you now and always.
    Pastor Steve taught me so much about God and how to be dependant upon Him which was most important. He instilled in me a love for worship. I watched him as not only a pastor but as a man, husband and father and now I know what a real man is like. Thank you Pastor Steve for all you have done, you were like a dad to me and I will never forget you and all you have done. Until we meet again…

  7. Kristen Calhoun Stair

    What a wonderful family. We are praying for all of you. Love you all! Love your Tampa Foursquare family.

  8. David Sottilare

    I will Never forget 2 impacts from you on my life. 1 watching a man on a Heritage Softail for the first time and riding behind him i witnessed the miracle as he rides in & out of a side ditch as if he was floating. Any one else would have crashed “crazy but I laugh still when i think of it” 2 is the phone call you made to me when i decided to move on from my long tenor at my job because I found Christ. You wanted to make sure that I knew that sometimes you must be a light in a dark place. Unfortunately the Dark was in control of that place, so i left and found my way. Its been a much longer road but thats how its suppose to be. Enjoy your stay in the Regency of Eternity! You earned it..

  9. Alber Villarreal Betancourt

    Hello my name is Alber Villarreal, my Mother’s mane was, Mis Hope Mata, we mostly sat at the far right of the church.
    I would bring my mother in her wheelchair and worship the Lord.
    Eventhough my mother was terminally ill, if she wasn’t in church it was surely my fault
    because she was always ready to the Lord.
    I never saw a person suffer like she did in this life ironically in end our beloved pastor Steve must have suffered a lot as well.
    Dear Sister Salomon, I want you to know how much I appreciate Pastor Steve, for taking the time with very short notice to come and give the eulogy at my Mother’s funeral.
    He got there just in time, he tured her funeral into a Celebration.
    He said with glowing smile” believe me sister Hope wouldn’t come back to this place if you offered her all the money in the world she’s in heaven worshipping the Lord now”
    That was his opening statement then there was peace love and closure.
    He walked in to that funeral home like a beam of light and tured our sadness into joy with his spontaneous heart felt and encouraging words of love.
    From time to time my family and I remember how he made my Mother’s funeral the best it could have been.
    Pastor Steve, gave my son and my daughter in-law a beautiful wedding, he was there to pray for my mother numerous times and she made a recovery.
    When I think of Pastor Steve, I think of the five loaves of bread in essence that is Pastor Steve.
    He love is perpetuate through the love he gave to us and love is the only possession that he takes with him into his eternal rest with God.
    There’s one more Saint in heaven now, more love, more light, more peace, more joy , more music, because Pastor Steve is there.
    In closing, I owe a lot to Pastor Steve, for all he did for my family.
    I could never repay him for what he done for us.
    But we can still directly love him and touch him by loving the Solomon family.
    ” He that loves him that begat loves him also that is begotten of him”.

  10. You have touched my life….you reslly did understand the meaning of worshipping God….I was speaking french but you touched my soul trhough you worship ..I felt I was home…connected with our Lord….I. Rwandan about your anointing. .I witnessed oil pouring from wall, gold strings, everlasting peace in my hesrt.I know..Hsven has surely gained an angel…my condealances to your family.What a loss for humanity…R.i.p

  11. Steve this is Ralph Foley ,you remember me don’t you ? Sure you do ,we love the Lord together and we love each other now because we have the same heart for the things of God ! I won’t say Goodbye ! Because your still here in my heart ! I have tears in my eyes as I write this ! But God will wipe them dry ! Love your brotheringlaw in life and your brother in the spirit ,Ralph Foley

  12. John and Angie Hinojoza

    Although you will be greatly missed here on earth we know you are rejoicing with Jesus and completely healed! Prayers for all the loved ones here.

  13. Terry and Pam Calhoun

    Dear Diane and family, We love you guys and are praying for our Lord to bring comfort as only he can. We also are.praying that the Lord meet all of your needs and grateful that you guys touched our lives in Tampa. Some things can not be answered this side of heaven but the Lord is in controll. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. With all our love, Terry and Pam Calhoun

  14. The Great Escape! I rejoicee for you Steve for your eyes have seen The King in all of His Glory!

    My heart and prayers go out to you Diane and the girls for I know this is a tremendous loss for you and your church family. May the God of all comfort hold each one of you close and give you His peace and hope to go on in the strength of the Lord!

    To be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8

  15. Pastor Diane Nutt

    As I shared with our congregation Wednesday night, I was a life that was changed by Steve’s life. In the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s, when my body was in so much pain from rheumatoid arthritis, I would listen to PITN and would be able to fall asleep! I was blessed to be in the meetings at Ps. Mike & Vicki Hankins church when he ministered there. May Holy Spirit comfort Diane and all the family as well as extended family, church family, and close friends. ❤️

  16. jackie holland

    I have the phone number for Praise in the Night programed on my phone just never wanted to delete.

  17. Monica Chuidian

    Pastor Steve you will be missed. Your radio messages from Praise In The Night left an indelible mark on my soul.Thank you.Monica from Lake Havasu City, Az.

  18. Tom & Janie Autry

    We have too many precious, funny and loving memories to list. Traveling along side you and Diane was wonderful…from Texas to New York and all the places in between…we loved it all…so much. You impact on our lives will forever resound in our heart. You are family to us…I know when we meet you in heaven, we will get to Praise and Worship.before the King of Kings…Jesus Lord of all…Tom & Janie

  19. Lori Elliott & Family

    Dina & Family,

    2 Samuel 3:38 “And the King said unto his servants, know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?” The lives of great men all remind us that we can make our lives sublime, by leaving our footprints on the sands of time and this is what your dad has truly done. He left a legacy. He will be greatly missed. One day we shall join him on that glorious day. Praise God for the life of your dad and God bless the wonderful Solomon family.

    We love you, we stand with you, and we are praying for you all!
    Much love, Lori Elliott & Family

  20. Deepest sympathies. You are in my prayers.

  21. Patricia Augustine

    Dear Diane and Family, We will always cherish the Love and Great times our families have shared. All of you are in our Prayers as Our Precious Lord Jesus pours out His Grace and Mercy and Peace to you.
    Much Love, The Augustine Family

  22. Vicki Lane-Andol

    My heart is heavy with the loss of this great warrior here on earth and yet I rejoice for Steve is now walking streets of gold. He had reached the prize we strive towards and had heard his father say, well done my hood and faithful servant.

    Diane and girls (& family), I’m praying for you each and every day. I’m so blessed to have been a part of your years in Tampa. I love you all so very much.

  23. Jane Lapeyrouse

    Pastor Steve was and still is a mighty man of God! His love for his Lord Jesus Christ inspired compassion in my life. He will always be remembered by me. A true blessing from God.

  24. Pastor Steve, is a great man! Our lives never have been this same. Praise in the night! Minister to me everyday for many years. Soloman family ours prayers are behind you , lifting you you up in prayer

  25. Henrietta Tijerina

    I am so sorry this news. But Pastor Steve brought so much in to my life . I remember one particular memory . One of those Saturday nite service my husband Gilbert , attended. My husband was so moved , that he wept before the Lord . It wasn’t long after that that my dear wonderful husband (of 39 yrs) went home with the Lord. Thank you Pastor Steve for starting those extended Sat. nite services. Forever I am grateful to the Lord

  26. Dolores Granados

    My beloved Pastor, taught me not to take offences to always forgive, to always stay in love with Jesus because Jesus was in love with me, to remain totally dependant upon the Lord and Him alone, because He was very pleased with me, and to never ever stop worshipping the Lord. That leading does not mean I needed a pulpit, and that I should never limit the Lord because He is unlimited, and loves to pour out His Spirit upon His dear children. And that dancing with Jesus and the angels was more fun then anything else, to stay in the river and flow with the Holy Spirit, and that there is no party like a Holy Ghost party because a Holy Ghost party don’t stop. And that love never really dies it just step’s over, and there is no distance in the Spirit we can have fellowship in the Lord any place any time, and the Joy if the lord is our strength. Thank you Pastor Steve for your love and exceptance, and for not limiting or hindering my worship and for not joining in the mocking my style of worship for the Lord. I will see you again soon, and please kiss Jesus for me

  27. Dolores Granados

    My prayer’s are going up to the Lord for all the Soloman family and my Riverwalk family. The Spirit of the Lord will always be at Riverwalk fellowship as will our memory’s of Pastor Steve, amen

  28. Stephanie Mistry

    For years as a college student I would listen to Praise in the Night, never realizing that the man whose voice I heard would have a profound personal impact on my life. How? By speaking a prophetic word one night that a woman heard which saved her life and brought her to redemption. That woman was a Muslim who gave her heart to Jesus and went on to pray her sons into the Kingdom. One of those sons has now been my dear husband for 15 years. Three of our own sons later, we are still following Jesus. I can not ever express the depth of gratitude and love that I have for Steve Solomon whose faithfulness to the vision God gave him was the SPARK that ignited MY future destiny. I have the life, the family and the legacy I do because he touched my mother-in-law’s life with his words so full of the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you all, his family, with peace and comfort as you mourn his absence.

    • Dina Solomon Dixson

      What an amazing testimony!! We spoke of your precious mother-in-law’s conversion at Dad’s memorial! All the glory goes to the Lord that He allowed my Dad to follow and obey His voice, that many others could come to the saving knowledge and life living for Jesus- the One and Only Messiah!!

  29. Kristen Hammer

    Your voice brought me peace so many nights as I was growing up. As a young child I would keep my radio tuned to PITN. I learned so much from you yet I hardly knew you. You impacted my life as a child and then again as a young adult. I was truly saved one Sunday morning at Calvary Cathedral while you were preaching. Not too long after I became a member of Riverwalk Fellowship (by the leading of the Holy Spirit) and you became my Pastor. You see, you were my spiritual Father. I only wish I would’ve stayed around to get to know you and grow in maturity in Christ. What I remember about you is PEACE. The feeling of PEACE by hearing the sound of your voice. You loved the Lord, loved his people, and loved your family as evidenced by the constant smile on Diane’s face and on the faces of your beautiful daughters.

    I love you Pastor Steve and I cannot wait to share this with you one day in person. THANK YOU for all you did for me and countless others during your time here on Earth. You will truly be missed.

  30. Dina Solomon Dixson

    Thank you all for these amazing memories! Dad truly loved others and truly loved others coming to JESUS!! We love and will miss but will cherish his passion for the Lord, Jesus Christ!! I ca t wait to be in heaven when this life is over!

    Many Thanks and love on behalf of the Solomon tribe!

  31. Christine Goodluck

    Me and Pastor Steve where on the same channel! It was miraculous, super natural and amazing experience. God used him to bring me thru serious war fare in Dallas, Texas. I can’t really write about it but I’m wondering if Pastor Steve asked God why it happened. To this very day I don’t know why.
    But I know when I get to heaven me, God and Pastor Steve can have a talk about it, and perhaps even a good laugh.

  32. I’m sorry for this being so late but I just found it today. The Lord granted me many miracles through Pastor Steve! Supernatural healing and miracles only God can do! The Lord used Pastor Steve in so many wonderful ways, I loved his Shigionoth!! Always touched my ❤️. But I will always remember Pastor Steve for how he loved his “sheeple”! Us! You are greatly missed by many, but I’m so happy for him for he is with his Father! I’m so sorry for your temporary loss Pastor Diane and family but rejoice that you will see him again!

  33. Thinking of Pastor Steve tonight and his family as I do often. Yes excited to be in heaven with our family members. I’m sure they are having a great time!

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