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Traditional Funeral

Traditional “Full Service Funeral”

A traditional service for burial or entombment is usually the service of choice. At Brown, Owens & Brumley, we believe in the traditional funeral, because it best serves the needs of family and friends.

The well-planned, traditional funeral service could include the following:

* Removal and transportation of deceased to the funeral home.
* Professional care and the embalming process.
* Hairstyling, coloring, and trimming of hair by hairstylist.
* Dressing, cosmetology, and other care of the deceased.
* Casket: either wood or metal, standard or personalized.
* Professional services of funeral director and staff.
* Visitation at the funeral home or facility closer to home.
* Arrangement conference and obituary planning and placement.
* Securing death certificate and necessary permits.
* PowerPoint picture presentations and use of memory boards.
* Funeral/Celebration of life at church, chapel, or other location.
* Register book, memorial folders, prayer cards, and acknowledgement cards.
* Use of funeral coach, (black or white), and/or horse-drawn carriage.
* Pallbearer limousine and family car, “Limousines for family.”
* Lead car sedan for funeral procession.
* Motorcycle police escorts.
* Musicians such as organist, soloist or bagpiper
* Clergy, close personal friend, or relative to officiate over services
* Graveside committal services at cemetery of choice.
* Floral arrangements such as casket piece and/or casket end pieces
* White birds and/or balloon releases.

The traditional service is a meaningful expression for the family, and it gives friends and associates an opportunity to offer their tributes in the way of flowers or memorials to churches or organizations.

Generally, a member of the clergy or other person chosen by the family conducts a service of remembrance. We encourage the active participation of the family in helping plan this part of the service. Many times family members take part by giving a reading, singing or assisting the clergy.

If the ceremony is held in a church, there is no additional charge. Nor is there an additional charge for arranging and conducting fraternal services.

At Fort Worth’s oldest family-owned funeral home, we pride ourselves on our ability to personalize and individualize each funeral service to make it a truly commemorative experience. To assist in understanding the many different service options available, our funeral home has grouped together our most requested types of services to help you determine costs. Our services are not limited to the following package selections.


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