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What to Do When Death Occurs

We have either a licensed funeral director or a competent and understanding person answering the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of whether it is a weekend or holiday. We are here when you need us.

If a death has just occurred, call Brown, Owens & Brumley Funeral Home at 817-335-4557 or 1-866-744-7688. We will need the following information:

  • Name and location of the deceased.
  • Name, phone number, and relationship of the person who will be in charge of making arrangements.

We will take over from there and make the arrangements for removal of the deceased to the funeral home for final disposition.

If death occurs in a hospital or licensed facility………

A staff member will notify the funeral home at the time of death. The name, address, and phone number of the next of kin should be given to a staff member.
Most long-term care facilities request the name of the funeral home desired upon admission to the facility, as well as information about the next of kin.

If death occurs in a hospice unit or at home with hospice/home health …….

    • If a hospice or home health staff member is present at the time of death, they will notify the physician and the funeral home.
  • If a hospice or home health staff member is not present, they need to be called to come to the home, and will in turn notify the physician and the funeral home.

If death occurs at home with no health care provider present.………….

  • The police will need to be notified first by calling 911. If the person was under a physician’s care, they may notify the physician, or they may notify the medical examiner on call. The deceased may be taken to the hospital by ambulance or may be released to the funeral home from the residence.
  • If unsure who to notify, you may call us and we will assist you in notifying the proper authorities.

If death occurs away from home…………………………..

    • Dealing with a loss is never easy, but dealing with a loss away from your hometown can seem especially complicated. We are experienced in helping families make the necessary arrangements regardless of where the death occurred.
    • A family member should call our funeral home first if they wish to have the funeral and interment in the DFW area. It is more cost effective for you to contact us first, and allow us to deal directly with a funeral director in the town or city where the death occurred to coordinate arrangements for transporting the deceased to the Fort Worth area.
    • If the death occurs within a radius of 400 – 500 miles from Fort Worth, we would send a vehicle to the town or city of death.
    • If the death occurs further than 600 miles away, we would arrange transportation by air to DFW International Airport, and send a vehicle there for transportation to Fort Worth.

If death occurs outside the United States………….

    • The U.S. Embassy in the country where death occurred needs to be notified. This may be done for you by an official in the country you are in.
    • We will work with the embassy and coordinate the return of your loved one to Fort Worth..

Information required…………………….

Depending upon where death occurs, it may be necessary to provide some basic information in order to facilitate transportation of the deceased. All states require a burial transit permit be completed before the deceased can be transported across state lines. While the information needed varies from state to state, it usually includes:

o Date, city, and state of birth
o Social Security number
o Address of current residence
o Veteran status
o Educational level
o Usual occupation
o Parents’ name including mother’s maiden name
o Place of burial/cremation
o Name, address, and relationship to deceased of the informant

In addition to the above information which is required for the preparation of the death certificate and burial permit, we will be requesting further information when you come to make arrangements in order to prepare the obituary.


You can always call us at any time. Our answering service knows how to contact us immediately and we will return your call as soon as we can.
817-335-4557 or 1-866-744-7688